Seamoss & Tumeric Face Mask


When your skin is feeling or looking dull, turmeric is key for that brightness. Turmeric aides uneven skin tones as well as lighting dark spots. With the right blend of turmeric with Seamoss, this duo is a personal favourite amongst our customers.

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How to use: Apply mask ensuring eyes, nose and mouth are exposed via the inserts.

Once the mask is placed comfortably on the face, for maximum benefit, keep on the face for 45 minutes or until the mask starts to dry.

When you remove the mask, use a clean warm towel to gently wipe over your face.


This mask is suitable for all ages.

Not recommended on sensitive or broken skin as turmeric is from the ginger family

and can have a slight burning sensation.

Please note: If your skin becomes irritated, please stop using immediately, wash your face and dispose of. Seek medical advice if irritation persists.


This mask must be kept refrigerated until application due to its natural properties.

Expiration – 1 month from the date of purchase.


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